Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tea the New Wine

Tea is the new wine – website tells how to select the right one “Sturdy enough, yet elegant with a good colour and above all tasty” It’s the kind of description you would expect to see on the back of a wine bottle. But this is not a robust red or even a wine at all. It’s a breakfast tea, No. 1 Breakfast Blend to be precise - and the best cuppa you can get of a morning, according to the connoisseurs at High Teas’ passion for and knowledge of their products is helping to elevate the good old British cuppa into a rather more gourmet affair. Its founder, Tony Marks, was previously a director of a successful wine company and in retirement is now pursuing his love of tea, bringing unique and unusual gourmet teas direct to the door of tea lovers. To help shoppers decide which of the fine teas to purchase Tony’s helpful ‘tea blog’ offers personal recommendations and insights into the fascinating world of tea. Try Moroccan Mint Tea, Earl Grey Fume, or Imperial White Peony with Rose Petals. Some of the teas available even boast health and weight loss benefits. There is a very wide range of teas available on the site including teas from Fine & Noble that come in special pyramid shaped free-flow nylon bags for improved infusion and flavour. As with all of the teas on the site, Fine & Noble teas are made in the traditional ‘orthodox’ method and therefore take longer to brew, creating a flavour that simply cannot be matched by an everyday teabag. High Teas is passionate to the point of being obsessed when it comes to finding the best quality, most interesting teas from around the world from breakfast teas to Chinese green teas, Oolong teas and White teas. The selection includes loose teas, speciality teas and many useful and stylish tea products such as infusers, tea glasses and brewing baskets. With so many unusual and delicious teas available from the site there is something for every tea drinker. Visit High Teas to start exploring the fascinating world of tea or to find the perfect unique gift for the tea lover in your life. Tony Marks – 14 July 09 – For further information email me at

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