Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fabulous Ceylon Teas

The Fabulous Teas of Ceylon – A great collection to be found at Ceylon tea is tea that is grown in Sri Lanka (which was known as Ceylon before 1972). The black tea has a crisp aroma reminiscent of citrus, and is used both unmixed and in blends. It is grown on numerous estates, which vary in altitude and taste. Ceylon is renowned for its high-quality teas and as Sri Lanka is the 3rd biggest tea producing country. Ceylon tea is divided into three groups: High or Upcountry (Adawatte), Mid country (Medawatte), and Low country (Yatawatte) tea, based on the geography of the land on which it is grown. The plantations started by the British were initially taken over by the government in the 1960s but have since been privatized and are now run by 'plantation companies' which own a few 'estates' or tea plantations. The two top grades of whole leaf teas are OP (Orange Pekoe) and Pekoe with shorter leaves and a darker liquor. We’ve just upgraded our list.

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