Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Super Ceylon Afternoon Tea

Just tasted an impressive Afternoon Tea from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Apparently it's an Uva Pekoe with a touch of Orange Blossom. A refreshing change from Earl Grey. We'll work with our blenders on reproducing it. Watch our site.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Of interest to tea rooms and caterers

We set up this site to cater for individual tea enthusiasts, without a thought at the time, of supplying like-minded colleagues serving delicious tea and cakes to those needy people out shopping on the High Street. But news of our passion for great and interesting teas at sensible prices has leaked out to the owners of these wonderful establishments, and I'm pleased to say that we're already working with several.

At the suggestion of our new friends we've tweaked our list a little. There's a new sliding price structure that takes into account quantities purchased. And we've added two Super Traditional Tea Bags for convenience. Although in the past I've held forth about revolting tea bags, and many are, it is possible to match the blend to the bag and to the occasion. We reckon we've got it just right for our Breakfast Choice and Earl Grey Choice teas. We've used good quality teas, no rubbish, sweepings or bitter cheap teas.

For other selections for your shop we recommend the loose teas brewed in a traditional pot. One with a tea strainer in the spout is ideal, and there is no reason why one of our Super tea bags cannot also be brewed in this pot.

At the top end of our catering rage are Fine & Noble pyramid tea bag. The range is specially selected by tea experts using only the finest teas from the “old” tea-growing world. They are manufactured using the more traditional “orthodox” method rather than on the CTC machines more commonly used on today’s tea bags. The quality of these teas, combined with the free-flow nylon pyramid bag, result in a slow release of flavour and character . Many imitations now on the market. These are the real thing, filled with the finest teas.

I urge you to try these extraordinary products.