Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bee House Teapots-8 colours in stock

We're now stocking the fabulous Bee House teapots All Bee House Pots are made in Japan, and have two things in common – they’re beautifully made and very practical. In the past, the convenience and ‘mess free’ aspect of tea bags have led to their popularity. With a Bee House Teapot, you have the same convenience, with no need to compromise on the quality of the tea that you drink.

Simply spoon the leaves into your infuser, add water to the brim of your pot , and allow to steep. When you have an infusion of the desired strength, simply pour your tea and enjoy. When it’s time to clean up, just remove the infuser from the pot (nested in the rim), empty into a bin, and rinse out. No tea leaves in your drink, no mess in your sink, just wonderful fresh tea. Bee House teapots are designed to be filled to the brim, and emptied when the 1st serving round is completed, so we suggest that you consider a smaller pot than you might normally use, to ensure that your leaves are not left in water to stew in your infuser.

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