Friday, May 29, 2009

Fine and Noble – Pyramid tea bags

Fine and Noble – Pyramid tea bags

Dear Friends, I'm really surprised at myself speaking so enthusiastically about teabags, but Fine and Noble Pyramid bags are something special. Not only do they contain whole leaf teas of the highest quality and the construction of the bags allows the best infusion of the leaves.Fine & Noble pyramid bags really satisfy the gourmet palate. They deliver elegance, flavour, tradition and enjoyment whilst containing all the goodness for which tea is becoming well known – flavournoids, polyphenols, tannis, vitamins and minerals. The range is specially selected by tea experts using only the finest teas from the “old” tea growing world – China, India and Sri-Lanka. They are manufactured using the more traditional “orthodox(1)” method rather than on the CTC(2) machines more commonly used on today’s tea bags. The quality of these teas, combined with the free-flow nylon pyramid bag, result in a slow release of flavour and character that is impossible to match with an every day tea bag. To appreciate the full flavour and quality of these teas, it is advisable to allow at least three/four minutes for brewing.

High Teas now stock the entire range of Fine and Noble teas, which includes some caffeine-free infusions.

Give them a go – you won't be disappointed. Best wishes Tony Marks


(1) Orthodox Manufacture

After selectively picking (often by hand) tea leaves. The leaves are allowed to wither, reducing their water content and making them soft and pliable. Once withered, the leaves are gently rolled to break down the cellular structure, beginning the oxidation process. This method is used for fine whole leaf teas.

(2) CTC Manufacture

In the Crush-Tear-Curl process, tea leaves are plucked and withered. After they are withered the tea leaves are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers that crush, tear and roll the tea leaves into tiny, irregular balls. CTC tea is used primarily in mass-market teabags. Given the small particle size, CTC tea has a greater surface area ratio than whole leaf tea, causing it to brew quickly and generally have a thicker body with more astringency.

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